Festival Lineup - 2014

Note: The festival lineup for the 2015 festival has not yet been announced.

View films from year:

6:30 PM - Friday, Apr 4th

My Way to Olympia

Director: Niko von Glasow

7:45 PM - Friday, Apr 4th

The Earth Wins

Director: Jerry Grayson

2:00 PM - Saturday, Apr 5th

The Price of Sex

Director: Mimi Chakarova

3:20 PM - Saturday, Apr 5th

Shift Change

Director: Mark Dworkin

4:45 PM - Saturday, Apr 5th

Power Shift

Director: Don Petit

7:00 PM - Saturday, Apr 5th

Trouble in the Peace

Director: Julian Pinder

2:00 PM - Sunday, Apr 6th

The Avenue

Director: Jaimie Clements

3:45 PM - Sunday, Apr 6th

Cairo 678

Director: Mohamed Diab

5:45 PM - Sunday, Apr 6th

It's a Girl

Director: Evan Grae Davis