Festival Lineup - 2014

Note: The festival lineup for the 2015 festival has not yet been announced.

View films from year:

3:00 PM - Friday, Mar 14th

The Avenue

Director: Jaimie Clements

5:00 PM - Friday, Mar 14th

The Defector

Director: Ann Shin

7:00 PM - Friday, Mar 14th

Chasing Ice

Director: Jeff Orlowski

11:00 AM - Saturday, Mar 15th

Vanishing of the Bees

Director: George Langworthy

1:00 PM - Saturday, Mar 15th

People of a Feather

Director: Joel Heath

3:00 PM - Saturday, Mar 15th

Marta's Suitcase

Director: G√ľnter Schwaiger

5:00 PM - Saturday, Mar 15th

Hidden Pictures

Director: Delaney Ruston

7:00 PM - Saturday, Mar 15th

Plastic Paradise:
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Director: Angela Sun