Festival Lineup - 2015

Note: The festival lineup for the 2016 festival has not yet been announced.

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6:00 PM - Friday, Jan 23rd

Just Eat It

Director: Grant Baldwin

8:05 PM - Friday, Jan 23rd

Project Wild Thing

Director: David Bond

11:00 AM - Saturday, Jan 24th


Director: Lori Joyce, Candice Orlando

Post-Film Conversation with:
Bev Carrick

1:10 PM - Saturday, Jan 24th

Seeds of Time

Director: Sandy McLeod

Post-Film Conversation with:
Dr. Flavio Capettini

3:15 PM - Saturday, Jan 24th

Island Green

Director: Millefiore Clarkes

Post-Film Conversation with:
Mike Kozlowski

4:25 PM - Saturday, Jan 24th

Natural Life

Director: Tirtza Even

Post-Film Conversation with:
Clayton Buchanan

6:30 PM - Saturday, Jan 24th

The Pink Room: Inside the fight against child sex slavery

Director: Joel Sandvos

Post-Film Conversation with:
David Bouchard

8:05 PM - Saturday, Jan 24th

Rising from Ashes

Director: T. C. Johnstone

12:00 PM - Sunday, Jan 25th

Casablanca Calling

Director: Rosa Rogers

2:00 PM - Sunday, Jan 25th

No Land No Food No Life

Director: Amy Miller

Post-Film Conversation with:
Lori Oatway

4:00 PM - Sunday, Jan 25th

The Revolutionary

Director: Maren Grainger-Monsen
Micole Newnham