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Volunteer Spotlight


Name: Herm

How did you get involved with the MLJFF?

I am a long-time volunteer with MLJFF. I began by helping out a bit during the first festival, then joined the programming group previewing films the following year. A year or two later there was a need for new treasurer, so I added that task to my involvement and have been doing both ever since, although I’m now stepping down from the board and treasurer position.

Why do you volunteer generally?

I am volunteering because as a Christian I feel there is much not right in this world, and awareness is a first step in making things right again. As Jenny K. (MLJFF’s founder) pointed out, a good film is a great way to bring the attention of many to a topic as a precursor to a healthy discussion on it. I really appreciate how these films we show lead to good discussions within the Calgary community. I hope these discussions lead at least some participants to actively work to make things right again.

What is the most important UN Sustainable Development Goal to you and why?

One UN Sustainable Development Goal that stands out to me is #12 – “Responsible Consumption and Production. I am a fine woodworker by profession and am appalled by the current trend to import cheaply made furniture that is doomed to end up in the landfill far too soon. I believe in making quality products with quality material that will last for a few generations at least. Much of my work now is in furniture repair – doing what is needed to help well-made pieces stay away from the landfill for another few decades. We could save a lot of trees if we used the wood wisely.


Name: Paige

What is your day job? 

Cannabis cultivator by day, collage creator by night. 

How did you get involved with the MLJFF?

My friend use to volunteer and told me about it. 

What is your favorite part of the festival?

Guest speakers. 

Why do you volunteer, generally?

To accumulate different perspectives from people around the world. 

What is the most important UN Sustainable Development Goal to you and why?

#13 Climate Action
#15 Life on land. 
I have two, they go hand in hand. I believe that if we all put our hands together and work towards each of these goals, the whole world will benefit in many different ways.