Good Business

Rob Schermbrucker   |   Canadian Premiere


About the Film

What role can business play in transforming a society? By exploring the story of Raymond Ackerman (founder of a South African retail giant- Pick n Pay), we encounter the power that love, forgiveness and compassion can have in overcoming the injustice, prejudice and hatred of the apartheid era in South Africa; and begin to realise why 'Doing good, is good business.'


UN Sustainable Development Goal #9:  Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation.

Film Information

Year: 2015
Length: 25min
Language: English
Country: S. Africa
Premiere: Canadian
Genre: Social Issue

Cast & Credits

Director: Rob Schermbrucker
Producer: Miranda Magagnini and Rob Schermbrucker


Locations & Showtimes


Friday November 18  |   12:15PM
Globe Cinema

Free Admission