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Sarnia Justice Film Fest Lineup

Project Wild Thing Feb 21, 2015 7pm
Return of the River Mar 21, 2015 7pm
Divide in Concord Apr 25, 2015 7pm
About the Films

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Nov 22, 2014 @7pm

Our World’s Threatened Oceans
The true-life adventure of Rob Stewart, following SHARKWATER through 15 countries over four years. Not only sharks that are in grave danger, but humanity.

Girl Rising
Jan 17, 2015 @7pm

The Power of Education to change a girl & the world.
Viewers get to know nine unforgettable girls living in the developing world: ordinary girls who overcome nearly impossible odds to pursue their dreams.
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Project Wild Thing
Feb 21, 2015 @7pm

The Disparate Connection between Children & Nature
A film-led movement to get kids (and their folks!) outside and reconnecting with nature. A funny and revealing look at a complex issue.
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Return of the River
Mar 21, 2015 @7pm

Freeing the Elwa River from Two Salmon-blocking Dams
A story of hope and possibility amid grim environmental news as the largest dam removal project in history begins.
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Divide in Concord
Apr 25, 2015 @7pm

The Bottled Water Ban Battle
An 84-year-old woman waging a seemingly unwinnable battle to rid her town of single-serve plastic water bottles water, despite opposition from local merchants, residents and the bottled water industry.
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Yearly SJFF screens 5 films at the Sarnia Library. The films speak to a diverse audience about the injustices in our world. A discussion time follows each film. Come to be educated, encouraged & prompted to action. Check back to this website for film details or find us on Facebook.

Sarnia Public Library Auditorium
124 Christina St. S. Sarnia [map]

Free Admission thanks to these and other Sponsors:

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