Neighborhood Utopia / Le Chantier des Possibles

 Eve Lamont


About the Film

Affectionately known as La Pointe, Pointe-Saint-Charles is a working-class neighbourhood in southwest Montreal. Once among the biggest industrial districts in Canada, today it is under attack by real estate developers. With luxury condo towers springing up like weeds along the Lachine Canal, residents of La Pointe are being priced out of their own neighbourhood in a real estate boom of epic proportions. The community is working hard to save their neighbourhood and their world, coming together to promote a vision of urban development focused on social housing and community projects. It is a fabulous story of tenacity and solidarity.

Film Information

Year: 2016
Length: 79 minutes
Language: English
Country: Brazil
Premiere: Calgary
Genre: Environmental

Cast & Credits

Director: Eve Lamont


Locations & Showtimes


November 15, 2017 |   7:00 PM
John Dutton Theatre, Calgary Public Library
616 MacLeod Trail SE, Calgary, AB  T2G 2M2

Free Admission