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Emily Lamb| Alberta hunter/ conservationist

Emily Lamb is an Alberta trapper, hunter, and conservation enthusiast. She has earned an diploma in wildlife and forestry conservation, and is completing another in animal sciences. After an internship at the Cochrane Ecological institute, Emily began working for Bushman inc. where she stayed for 6 years dealing with conflict resolution between people and problem wildlife, conducting wildlife assessments, and offering workshops on various outdoor skills. She also volunteers with many outdoor and conservation organizations such as the Alberta Trappers Association. Emily is passionate about changing the way people view the use of our wildlife resource, and hopes to inspire people to take a more active and respectful role in their natural surroundings. “All of us–hunters, trappers, environmentalists, tree-huggers, hippies–every one of us, in the end, wants there to be as big and as healthy a population of wildlife as possible. Period.