Conversation Leader

Roy Beck of Sedgwick, Alberta’s Broadview Farms, is a horticulturalist who believes in preserving the past for a better future.  A family farm, Roy and Broadview Farms have used methods learned formally (from his two stints in college) as well as from his father, grandfather (a self-taught horticulturalist who enjoyed breeding nut trees) and neighbors.  Broadview Farms is also a strong proponent for seed saving and raising awareness of the loss of diversity with current practices.  Working in research and development with a seed company, Roy has knowledge and firsthand experience in working with seed breeders, hand pollination tactics and how to avoid cross-pollination, how to clean and store the seed, and the genetic material encased within the seeds.  Roy also has many friends that work for the USDA who have been willing to share their vast knowledge of seed saving techniques with Roy.  Roy and Broadview Farms take part in the yearly Seedy Saturday event where seed is sold and Roy can teach others how to grow and do the same thing that he is doing.