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Jungsil Lee, President of Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues (WCCW) has been devoted to raise the public awareness regarding wartime sex slaves during the World War II, so called comfort women.  WCCW actively worked with elected officers and congressmen to pass House Resolution 121 in House of Representatives in 2007 and organizes several academic conferences and art exhibitions at George Mason University, Catholic University, and George Washington University.  In 2014, WCCW built ""Comfort Women Memorial Peace Garden"" in Fairfax county, VA to reconcile and rebuild the dignity of victims and to remember their bravery and endurance as comfort women. With her PhD in Art History she focuses on public memorials for the healing process, and had a main role in fundraising, design, commissioning, and manufacturing of the memorial peace garden. This year she is pursuing a webinar project in which students, scholars, and activists meet once a month globally to study, research, and archive the relevant material will publish its outcome. She is also co-curating a large public exhibition in New York from Sep 7th to Oct at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.