That Never Happened: Canada’s First National Internment Operations

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19, 2017 | 12:30PM

That Never Happened reveals the story of Canada's first national internment operations between 1914 – 1920. Over 88,000 people were forced to register and more than 8,500 were wrongfully imprisoned in concentration camps across Canada, not for anything they had done but because of where they came from. In 1954, the public records were destroyed and in the 1980s a few brave men and women began working to reclaim this chapter in history and ensure future generations would know about it.

Film Information

Release Year: 2017
Runtime:  75 minutes
NGO: Ukrainian Civil Liberties Federation (UCCLF)

Curriculum Connection

Social 10 and 30

Cast & Credits

Director: Ryan Boyko

UN Goal


Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels



Join the post-show conversation with local and international artists and experts.

Halya Wilson | Ukrainian Civil Liberties Federation and Ryan Boyko | Armistice Films Inc

Helen (Halya in Ukrainian) Wilson has been involved with UCCLA since 1994 with the erecting of the statue “Why” at Castle Mountain. She was instrumental in organizing the Calgary and Banff communities to attend the unveiling of the statue August 15th, 1995, which made the front page of the Calgary Herald. Having been educated in Calgary, she was shocked to learn about the internment of Ukrainians during WW 1 and has spent the following years educating her Canadian community about this dark chapter of our Canadian History. Halya is presently Vice-President of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation (UCCLF.)

Ryan Boyko is the founder and CEO of Armistice Films Inc. Ryan was producer, writer and director of the innovative, award winning series “The Camps”. The 33 episode series has been seen in 174 countries and has garnered two awards, The IndieFest Award of Merit with Special Mention and an Award of Recognition from the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.He is a multi-award winning visual artist and an accomplished actor who has performed on many of Canada’s finest stages including The National Arts Centre in Ottawa, two seasons with the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival and two seasons at The Stratford Festival of Canada, where he won the Tyrone Guthrie Award. Ryan has appeared on several television series' including “Flashpoint”, “The Listener” and “Outlaw Bikers”. Ryan played Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey legend Bill Barilko and most recently, appeared in the Movie “Chokeslam” (2017). "That Never Happened" is Ryan's feature directorial debut, which began its festival circuit in June of 2017.