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Director: Johan Grimonprez



“In reality SHADOW WORLD is not about some small time illegal arms
dealers, but about big corporations involving players at the highest
levels of government.” Statement by the Director, Johan Grimonprez

About the Film

Synopsis: SHADOW WORLD is a cinematic documentary that reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade - the only business that counts its profits in billions and its losses in human lives. Through the insights of whistleblowers, investigators, prosecutors, military and industry insiders SHADOW WORLD reveals how the international trade in weapons – with the complicity of governments, their militaries and intelligence agencies, defense contractors, arms dealers and agents – fosters corruption, determines economic and foreign policies, undermines democracies and creates widespread suffering.

Film Information

Year: 2016
Length:  94 mins
Language: English

Cast & Credits

Director: Johan Grimonprez

Locations & Showtimes

Tuesday,  March 14, 2017   |   7:00PM
River Park Auditorium

Admission: Free

Conversation Leader

Dr. Pablo Policzer

Dr. Pablo Policzer is an Associate Professor of Political Science and the Director of the Latin American Research Centre at the University of Calgary. A Chilean by birth, his work specializes in Latin American Politics, with a special interest in the overlaps between democracy and authoritarianism, and between human rights and security issues broadly understood. His book The Rise and Fall of Repression in Chile (University of Notre Dame Press, 2009) was named a 2009 “Outstanding Academic Title” by Choice Magazine, and won the award for best book in Comparative Politics from the Canadian Political Science Association in 2010. He obtained his PhD in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. David Jay Bercuson

David Bercuson specializes in Canadian military and diplomatic history and Canadian defence policy.  He is the Director of the Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies and Director of International Programs at the University of Calgary School of Public Policy.  He is also Director of Programs of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute Institute, a Calgary-based think tank.  He has published on a wide range of topics specializing in modern Canadian politics, Canadian defence and foreign policy and Canadian military history. His latest book is Our Finest Hour: Canada Fights the Second World War which was published in October, 2015.